SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

The Blood Runners of Sussex


As a charity SERV constantly needs to raise money in order to be able to keep our bikes well maintained and on the road, as well as covering other overheads such as the emergency phone line to the hospitals and other general operational expenses. We need donations to both increase our bike fleet and support our committed volunteers to deliver this vital service.

SERV Sussex has no salaried members of staff. All our members are volunteers and give their time for free. When using their own vehicles to transport urgent blood supplies they also pay for the petrol and vehicle running costs from their own pockets, such is their dedication.

We are able to accept donations in a number of ways.

Financial Donations

Individuals and companies are encourages to donate through our Local Giving webpage. This site allows us to automatically claim the Gift Aid back from any donation thus maximising the revenue for SERV. Examples of how your donation will be put to work can also be found on the Local Giving website.

Items and Donations via eBay

There are 2 ways that SERV can raise money through eBay. Firstly, if you are selling something there is an option when listing the item to donate a percentage of the selling price to a charity. Simply select SERV Sussex from the list of available Charities and SERV will benefit from your donation AS WELL as getting an additional 28% through Gift Aid from the government.

Secondly, SERV will sell your unwanted items for you and keep the proceeds. Got a box of unwanted CD's? DVDs that never get watched? Or maybe a mobile phone that's just sitting in a draw.

If it's working and can be easily listed on eBay then donate it to us and we'll convert it into valuable funds for the charity. Contact us and we'll be glad to collect your items.

Donating Your Time - Be A Volunteer

At SERV Sussex we are always looking for volunteers that can help us. We don't just want motorcycle riders, there are many other opportunities such as driving one of the charities cars, assisting at fund raising event or helping man our emergency phone line.