SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

The Blood Runners of Sussex



The week before Easter SERV Sussex made 6 urgent deliveries of blood and platelets for two children in the Conquest hospital, Hastings, East Sussex.

It has been reported in the national press of the passing of one of these patients, 17 year old Hayley Okines from Bexhill who suffered from the progressive ageing disease progeria. The other patient who benefited from the volunteers service is a young boy whose identity we cannot reveal. We can however, announce that he has since been discharged from the Kipling Ward and spent Easter at home with his family who organised an Easter Egg hunt for him and his siblings. An amazing outcome considering the week the family have had.

When a member of the Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers - SERV, who lives in Hastings called the children’s ward to ask if the children had received any donated Easter Eggs this year, he was informed that the table on the ward used for donated Easter Eggs had only two on it. So he took it upon himself to rally the troops and with the use of the SERV members page and a biker group he runs on a popular social media website, in just three days, had collected about 75 eggs including some boxes of chocolates for the doctors and nurses working on the children’s ward.

With the kind generosity of various local businesses including Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s in Hastings, Brideway Auto Sales, Ambience Catering in Eastbourne, members of Bexhill Bikers and the volunteers of SERV and their friends, the collections was quickly organised and well received by the children and their families in the hospital.

Just to see the smiles on the faces of those kids when we went in with the eggs made all the effort worthwhile. Although there are plenty more eggs than there were children able to eat them, there are enough for the family and friends to share when they come to visit and the Conquest hospital also has a day care centre where these eggs will be shared for the kids to take home, so none will be wasted.

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